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Charles Frazier: 1st District School Board Member
Knox County

Expect Great Changes

Frazier is a Democrat and loves Knoxville, the people, and the young people.  A graduate of Knox County Schools he attended UT Knoxville in broadcasting / communications and is also a graduate of Logos College.
He believes that education starts at home and will work hard to get more parent involvment in schools. "I know Tennessee and Knox County are very prosperous; I will make sure that the first district share equally and fairly in the budget for our schools."
Frazier would like to see our teachers make more money, but Frazier realizes that his first mission is to our children as an advocate for students in the first district. 

As your next school board member he will ensure that security during school and all after-hour events is funded with all the necesssary resources to be effective.

Early Voting Starts!

April 13 - 28, 2022

April 13 through the 28th is early voting!

Politician with Supporters

Election Day!

May 3rd 2022

This is a local election, so it is important for us to cast a vote to uplift our community on Election Day!
Charles Frazier is a Democrat.  Vote Frazier in the Democratic Primary, Thank You!

Campaign Donations Accepted

Checks may be mailed to: Charles Frazier Campaign  P.O. Box 6704  Knoxville, TN 37914 

Charles Frazier

Charles Frazier

Frazier and Dewey





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